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Book Review Tuesday: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is the best Steve Chandler book I’ve read so far.  Based on how much of this book I’ve underlined, it is one of the most useful books I’ve read in quite some time.  As the title suggests, there are 100 short(2-3 pages each) topics that, if applied, will accelerate your personal development.  It has taken me a couple months to work my way through 100 Ways as I’ve been reading one or two a day and really absorbing and using the tools provided.  Some of my favorites:

  • “Create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that vision as if it were already true.”  –Arnold Schwarzeneggar
  • “The only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude.” –Napoleon Hill
  • One hour of planning saves three hours of execution.
  • “Fear kills more people than death.” –General George Patton
  • “Make each day your masterpiece.” –John Wooden’s father
  • Advertise to yourself.  Posting pictures of your goals in various places that you’ll see them frequently.

Other books by Steve Chandler:

100 Ways to Create Wealth

The Small Business Millionaire

Book Review Tuesday: 100 Ways to Create Wealth

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford put together a collection of 100 essays (most are two to four pages each) for becoming a more complete person in 100 Ways to Create Wealth. The small sections provide food for thought.  Treat it as a quick mental stimulant for the day…many of the topics are cliched and unoriginal, but still very valuable to contemplate.  Chandler and Beckford want you to spend time thinking of ways to add value to your world and truly create wealth as opposed to waiting and hoping something good will come to you.

I wrote about Chandler and Beckford’s fiction book here.  If you like Chandler and Beckford at all, be sure to read 9 Lies That are Holding Your Business Back. I’ll write about 9 Lies soon.

Book Review Tuesday:The Small Business Millionaire

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Small Business Millionaire Don’t be thrown off by the bland cover and unimaginative title… Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford’s book is a fun fictional story about an entrepreneur and his daughter figuring out how to revive their restaurant from the brink of bankruptcy.  The Small Business Millionaire helped them achieve an unprecedented level of success in the business.  Throughout the process dad and daughter also found meaning and joy in their lives.

This quick read will give readers plenty of food for thought and some good reminders.  Here are some of the highlights I picked out:

  • “Advertising is salesmanship in print.”  All salespeople should yield measurable results.
  • DECIDE to make the business succeed.
  • Sell the experience, not just a meal, book, or service.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • People want to see you succeed.
  • Win over your local market and watch word of mouth spread.

Go read The Small Business Millionaire.  I have more Chandler books to talk about in future posts.