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How To Be That Guy: Scott Ginsberg (That Nametag Guy)

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

As promised in my last post…more about Scott Ginsberg.  I have to share this really cool story:

About a month after I heard Scott at XBM and got Make a Name For Yourself, Jon and I were at Book Expo America(BEA) for a day.  We were standing in line at one of the food vendors when I noticed the guy in front of me holding the very same book I was reading on my way to BEA (How To Be That Guy).  When I asked him about the book, he said what an amazing speaker Scott is and that he had just heard him.  I was very disappointed that I had missed him–didn’t know he was going to be there.  After lunch, Jon and I decided to walk through the Tech conference downstairs in the Javits Center.  As we were walking through the sparse exhibits in the Tech conference, Jon punched me and said “Is that the guy you were telling me about?”  Sure enough there was The Nametag Guy being interviewed.  We waited until the interview was over then kidnapped Scott for a while over lunch.  After spending some time with him, I’m a bigger fan than ever.  At some point I hope to convince him to do a book with me.  =)

So I’m sure you’re wondering about How To Be That Guy: 47 Ways to Create an UNFORGETTABLE Brand That MAGNETIZES More Business.  He had me at the subtitle.  Scott’s quirky way of out of the box thinking makes this book shine.  Some are principles you’ve heard 47 times in your life already, but the way Scott frames them makes you stop and think for a few minutes.  And I’m pretty sure that is exactly what he wanted you to do.  Mostly we already have the answers to our dilemmas.  It’s just that we(I) seldom stop and think for a while.

So here are some of the reasons I love How To Be That Guy:

  • Kiss your power suit goodbye… “The outfit that allows you to feel most comfortable and most like yourself will, in fact, give you the most power.”
  • Is your idea simple enough that a five year old could understand it?
  • The most important word in marketing… hint: it all depends
  • Allow customers to participate in your brand.

In case I haven’t made it clear–Scott Ginsberg is awesome.  Check out some of his videos on YouTube.  Buy his books on Amazon.  Check out his website at

Book Review Tuesday: Make a name for yourself.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

A few weeks ago, I met Scott Ginsberg (the nametag guy) at Extreme Business Makeovers 2011. Scott is an amazing speaker. I bought a book from his table…Make a name for yourself. In addition to being a beautiful full color book, it is loaded with great content.  My kind of content…short, punchy chapters that toss an idea out there and let the reader think about it.  Essentially the book helps you think through what kind of reputation you are building.  What you are becoming known for.  And how you can be intentional in steering your career and legacy.  The quote inside the cover says it best…”If you don’t make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you.”

I devoured the book.  I felt bad about marking up the beautiful, colorful pages…but it’s the kind of book that begs to be personalized.  Here are some of Scott’s strategies that jumped out at me:

  • Become a student of success.  Read books and interview successful people in your field.
  • Walk with the wise.  “You are (and become) the average intelligence of the people you hang out with the most.  Choose wisely.”
  • More books, less TV.
  • Do what nobody else is willing to do.  “What are you doing that nobody else is willing to do?”
  • Networking works. A chapter of 50 actionable networking tips.
  • Wait for nothing.  Don’t wait for the perfect timing, someone to give you permission, someone to lead the way–take action!

Bottom line…The book is easily worth the $20 if you’re interested in thinking through some things that might be holding you back from the person you hope to become.  I am now a fan of Scott and will write more about him in future posts.