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Book Review Tuesday: Max Lucado’s Fearless

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Fearless As a Thomas Nelson book reviewer, I had an opportunity to read through Max Lucado’s new book for a few weeks before it was released.  What grabbed my attention was the title and subtitle…Fearless:Imagine Your Life Without Fear.  I don’t consider myself to have an above average number of fears, but who doesn’t have some?!  At any rate I love the idea of Imagining Life Without Fear.  In other words, dreaming of what I would do if I weren’t holding back.

This is my first Max Lucado book and I did find value in Fearless.  Here’s what I liked:

Self Esteem

Lucado quotes scripture to say that you were “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  It is important to remember that we as humans are very complex and significant creations.  Remember when you give or receive criticism that “the fear that you are one big zero will become a self-fulfilling prophecy that will ruin your life.”  So true.  We become what we dwell upon.

Spell it out

“Left unchecked, [fears] metastasize into obsessions.”  Lucado advocates exposing our fears.  Write them down and look again.  Many fears in the light of reason don’t look so scary.


One of the things I found comfort in was Lucado’s admission that he, a famous minister, sometimes finds himself facing “the fear that God isn’t.”  In my own spiritual journey, I’ve found it scary to admit such personal and seemingly heretical statements and I appreciate Lucado’s honesty and vulnerability.

In summary:

Max Lucado is a Christian pastor whose writing points toward God as the solution to problems.  If that philosophy offends you, I can recommend other books to deal with fears and live productively.  Overall, I found Fearless to be an easy read and worth the short time invested.