What inspires you?

Recently my wife shared something she learned from the other Nathan in her life…Nate Berkus.  Nate talked on his show about surrounding yourself with things that inspire you.  Only things that inspire you.  If you have pictures on the refrigerator of people you don’t like…take them down!  Fill your life with pictures, quotes, and symbols that inspire you.

When I looked around my office the next day I couldn’t help noticing the plaque on the wall facing my desk.  The plaque was something I earned a couple years earlier…10 years at my job.  As I stared at the plaque and read the words I realized they didn’t inspire me.  Quite the opposite.  The entrepreneur in me felt trapped, claustrophobic, like I was stuck.  That last sentence is a whole nother blogpost or three, but the point is I hadn’t surrounded myself with things that inspire me.

So I replaced the plaque with a framed printout that I made…”100% Responsible”.  I think Darren Hardy is the one that brought up the 100% responsible phrase from some old Jim Rohn quotes.  Now I have a constant reminder when I look up from my desk…I am 100% Responsible for the outcomes in my life.  Definitely more inspiring and more liberating.

What have you surrounded yourself with?  Do those things inspire you?