Book Review Tuesday: It’s Not About You

It's Not About You bookThe eagerly anticipated follow-up to The Go-Giver released today.  No sophomore slump for Bob Burg and John David Mann!  If possible, It’s Not About You is even better than The Go-Giver!  I had listened to the audio version of The Go-Giver on iTunes and loved it!  Naturally, I had to download It’s Not About You as soon as it was available–today.  And I had to listen to it as soon as I could–lunchtime and this evening.  I went with Audible this time.  Great job Bob and John reading your book!  The feelings always come through better when authors do their own reading.

Tons to learn from this book.  Written in a story format, It’s Not About You focuses on a young man named Ben.  Throughout the story, Ben learns five Keys to Legendary Leadership…

1. Hold the Vision

2. Build your People

3. Do the Work

4. Stand for Something

5. Share the Mantle

These five keys as well as a pile of one-liner supporting points have given me a week’s worth of material to ponder and begin to implement.   Living a life of character sometimes seems to run counter to good business.  Books like this illustrate how business done right can look.  If you haven’t read Burg/Mann, this is a great one to start with.  If you have read Burg/Mann, you know you need this book.


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