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Book Review Tuesday: Get Off Your Attitude

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Get Off Your AttitudeGet Off Your Attitude by Ryan C. Lowe is one of my favorite books right now.  I should tell you that I’m biased.  This is the first book that I was involved in from beginning to end of the publishing process at Sound Wisdom.  Needless to say, I think it’s a great book.  Here’s why:

  • Ryan has lived out what he talks about.  He’s been through some tough stuff in life.  Yet every time I talk with him he is Mr. Upbeat.  Always positive.  Always seeing the bright side of situations.
  • This book has great stories.  Ryan ties the teaching principles to stories.  Read about the time he was shot.  How he failed in business.  Got dumped by his girlfriend.  Learn about his sweet grandma.
  • The lessons always point to the ways you have control over your life and outcomes in your life.   Don’t be a victim!

By the way, Ryan Lowe is a super nice guy.  The kind of guy you’d wish all the success in the world to.  So read his book.  Hear him speak.  Visit his website.  Oh, and after you read the book be sure to “Like” it and give it a positive review on Amazon or wherever you buy and review books.  Thanks!!

Customer Service/Sales/Marketing/Data Mining Done Right

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Yesterday FedEx delivered a package to my front door.  Since I hadn’t ordered anything, I was sort of excited yet sort of skeptical to open the box.  What I found about knocked me over!  When I opened the box, I pulled out an orange cardboard tube about a foot long and about three inches in diameter.  The front described the Dockers Alpha Khaki, “the first of it’s kind.”  The back of the tube had a note typed out that included, “you have been selected to test-drive the new Alpha Khaki from Dockers.”  So I opened the tube and found another note, this one looks hand-written.  “This pair’s on the house.  We think you’ll like ’em.”  -Dockers

The tube contained a pair of khaki’s that were exactly my size.  I promptly put them on and wore them to the play we attended last night.  They were super comfy and I am super impressed by Dockers’ aggressive promotion direct to consumer.  I’ve bought a few pairs of Dockers from and a few pairs of Levi’s from over the past couple years.  That’s how they knew my style preferences.   But I’ve also bought similar styles from Lands End and J. Crew.  By reaching out unexpectedly to give me something of value for free, Dockers just won my loyalty.

What can we do to spark that kind of reaction and loyalty in our customers?