January Wrap-up

Hard to believe we’ve reached the end of another month!  It was a busy month and for those interested in the goings on of my life I’ll hit a few highlights (for those not interested in my goings on…skip this post).

I’ve decided to grow the personal development/business line of books our company started a couple years ago.
1.  Working with speakers to come up with more great product.
2.  Beefing up the website (you can see why this is needed and watch my progress at http://soundwisdom.com)
3.  Next up is to design some awesome products.
4.  Product marketing and placement…we have great placement in stores…now thinking outside the box to get the personal development messages to those who need them most.

Teamed up with Tremendous Life Books.
Not far from here is a publishing company that Charlie “Tremendous” Jones started.  Charlie passed on a couple years ago.  His daughter Tracey is now running the company.  Our publishing companies have remarkable similarities and complementary markets.  We’ve now teamed up to sell each other’s products in our respective markets and help one another grow.

More fun with Toastmasters.
1.  Achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze status.
2.  Attended District leadership training in Baltimore.

Family stuff.
My grandmother who has been a dear friend to my wife and me the past 13 years especially has been diagnosed with cancer and we’re told her time on earth is growing very short.  Becky (DW) and kids are happy and healthy.  Enjoying winter festivities.  I’m ready for warm weather!