Just Do It!

I’m spending my Saturday morning cleaning out my email inbox.  I have WAY too many newsletters coming in.  Most of them have great information.  I’d like to read/watch/listen to all of them.  I’m just not sure that would be the best use of my time.

The truth is we don’t necessarily need more information.  I certainly know enough to get started on most of the dreams that I have.  I guess it’s just easier to read/watch/listen to other people talk about how to make it happen than to get out there and do the work and stay disciplined myself.

If you’re like me you have excuses like:

1. I’m too busy to get involved in that.

2. I’m not an expert at that.  I don’t know enough.

3. That’s too big a project to tackle.

4. If I can’t do it perfectly, better not to do it at all.

Of course there are many more excuses to add to the list.  But the truth is most all of our excuses aren’t even true.  For example look at the four that I listed above.  Aren’t the below statements more true?

1. I have time for what I want to have time for…I could cut out some TV time, get up a half hour earlier, stay up a half hour later, spend time on my lunch break, etc.  Maybe I need to drop a couple things that aren’t as important to me.

2. We know enough about most of our ideas to get started.  If we take time to sketch out a rough outline we could seek help on the parts we got stuck on.

3. Big projects are rewarding when finished.  The trick is to break them up into steps.  Use the rough outline from #2 to sketch out a timeline.  Then just aim at one milestone at a time.

4. I heard a couple statements from Mike Litman that have stuck with me:

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

Insignificance comes before significance.

We do so many things out of habit, we often don’t even realize how we spend our time.  Part of my new year mantra of Be Intentional is to thoughtfully, yet aggressively Take Action!

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