Be Intentional

I’m looking at New Years Resolutions a bit differently this year.  January is a great time to reconsider what’s important.  At the beginning of a new year we definitely should take a look at the direction we’re headed.  Is the direction we’re headed going to lead to the destination we wish to arrive at?

Hopes, goals, and dreams are valuable.  But sometimes hopes, goals, and dreams aren’t enough.  Ty Howard talks about having unstoppable goals.  Easier said than done.  I find myself having many goals and passing interests.  Staying focused is tough…especially without identifying what Napolean Hill talked about as a major definite purpose.  So many good things divert our attention from what is truly important.  Whether it’s January or any random day when you can take some time to stop and think, reflection on goals is worthwhile.  Wandering through life with no ambition or meaning gets old.  Try setting goals.  Try being intentional.  Just setting goals and thinking about what COULD be in your life brings energy.

For 2011 I’ve decided to focus on a theme.  My theme, my mantra for 2011 is Be Intentional.  I’m hoping by keeping that front of mind that I’ll move more quickly toward my goals.  Hopefully, I’ll be less distracted.  I’ve noticed that even good habits that I’ve established have diminishing returns if I’m not intentional.  Example: without focus and intensity my exercise time is not near as productive as it should be.  Same goes for time spent with family…quantity of time does not negate the need for quality time.  So I’m making an effort this year to Be Intentional.  As the saying goes, “Wherever you are, be there.”