Book Review Tuesday: Living for the Weekday

Living for the Weekday bookI picked up Living for the Weekday in an airport bookstore Friday.  Looking forward to Monday is an appealing dream.  Author Clint Swindall isn’t selling a magic pill here.  Living for the Weekday is simply a book filled with good commonsense.

This book appealed to me for two reasons.

1.  75% of the book was a fictional story.  Swindall calls it a fable.  I find the story format much easier to digest than a straight lecture style teaching.

2.  Swindall’s advice for a happier existance at work (and at home) centers around personal growth in these five areas: career, relationships, health, finances, and spirituality.

By keeping the focus to five areas and teaching in story form, Swindall has created a fun and practical tool.  I recommend Living for the Weekday.

Action:  Set goals in each of these areas of your life. Working toward these goals will bring balance and happiness even if you don’t immediately love Mondays.

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