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Book Review Tuesday: The Seven-Day Weekend

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Don’t read The Seven-Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler if you’re happy with old-school methods of employer/employee relationships.  Mr. Semler shares new ideas that he has implemented in Semco, his $200+ million company.  Ideas that have kept turnover extremely low.

If you are open to new ideas and want to make your company a fun place to work, check this book out.  It’s a fun read.  You may not want to implement all Semler’s ideas, but just a couple could make your workplace more enjoyable.  The Seven-Day Weekend concept is about flexibility.  Time flexibility, career choice flexibility, decision-making flexibility.  Semler begins with the premise that employees are adults.  As adults they are capable of more responsibility than they are given in most organizations.

I can buy much of what he says in this book IF:

1.  You truly do hire adults…responsible people willing to use their brains.

2.  You lay out objectives and goals of the job clearly.

At any rate, pick this book up at your library and start reading.  You’ll know part way into the first chapter if it’s for you.