17 Success Principles

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently working my way through Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.  Hill and Stone list 17 different success principles in this classic:

1.  A Positive Mental Attitude

2.  Definiteness of Purpose

3.  Going the extra mile

4.  Accurate thinking

5.  Self-discipline

6.  The master mind

7.  Applied faith

8.  A pleasing personality

9.  Personal initiative

10.  Enthusiasm

11.  Controlled attention

12.  Teamwork

13.  Learning from defeat

14.  Creative vision

15.  Budgeting time and money

16.  Maintaining sound physical and mental health

17.  Using cosmic habit force (universal law)

Success Through a PMA is a really helpful book…although I wouldn’t mind seeing a shorter list.  What 5 principles from this or any other list would you consider to be most essential?

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