Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

“Everyone has some creative ability, but most people haven’t learned to use it.” ~Alex Osborn

I’m reading through Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude this week.  It’s a classic by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.  I just finished a particularly fascinating section on creative thinking.  I’m curious to hear feedback on these thoughts…

Dr. Elmer Gates, in response to a Napoleon Hill question, gave these as “the sources of all ideas:

1.  Knowledge stored in the subconscious mind and acquired through individual experience, observation, and education.

2.  Knowledge accumulated by others through the same media, which may be communicated by telepathy.

3.  The great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence, wherein is stored all knowledge and all facts, and which may be contacted through the subconscious section of the mind.”

Gates showed Hill the small barren room that he often spent hours in “sitting for ideas.”  For whatever reason, I seem to get many of my ideas while getting ready in the morning–I haven’t found waterproof paper for the shower.  Where do you get your best ideas?  And what do you think of Gates’ sources of all ideas?

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