Book Review Tuesday: The Path of the Genie

Dr. Dilip Abayasekara’s The Path of the Genie follows the fictional character Aladdin through his journey of discovery.  Dilip teaches how Aladdin’s lessons learned can be applied in our lives.

Dilip says “Becoming the person you ought to be is a spiritual journey that will last as long as you live.”  I’ve certainly found that to be true in my experience.

My favorite section of The Path of the Genie is Dilip’s encouragement to figure out your gifts and fulfillment in life.  He ends Part III with these Five Action Steps For Self-Discovery:

1.  Know God–you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

2. Understand what gives you bliss–happiness and fulfillment.

3. Discover your gifts–what you do easily and naturally.

4. Work on becoming the person you ought to be–values driven.  Also, emulate role models in the areas you wish to improve.

5. Build you life around your true identity, your calling, and your gifts–even small steps to get started will help you feel more fulfilled.

I know Dilip through Toastmasters.  He has lived–and is living–the journey he writes about.  If you get the chance to hear him speak, make sure you do.  You won’t be disappointed.

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