Worst Retirement Advice of the Week

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This week my wife, Becky, was in a store and struck up a conversation with an older gentleman.  At some point, Becky shared that she is a stay at home mom after working as an insurance agent for many years.  The man said he hoped she would be able to get back to her job soon so she would have enough time to build up her social security for retirement.  I thought this was a sad statement on so many levels…

It’s not like you work 40 years then kick back to a life of luxury thanks to your social security check…what’s the hurry?!

Mostly, it made me sad to think that in 70 years, the man hadn’t learned that there are better ways to plan for the “golden years”.

One such plan is to not give up–We live in an information age, shouldn’t a 70 year old have tons of information to share?  With the right tools or teaming up with a younger tech savvy partner, I believe our 70 year old could be making more money than he ever had in his life.  And having a blast talking/blogging/tweeting about his life-long passion.

Anyone else have bad retirement advice to share?

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