What is Your Dream?

Dreams are elusive.  If we don’t write them down, take action steps toward achieving them, and stay focused, dreams quickly become faded memories of what might have been.  In the overstimulated world that we live in, the next shiny thing catches our attention before we’ve even fully comprehended the wonderful dreamy thought we just had.  And just like that it’s gone–often forever.  With so many distractions to keep us occupied 24 hours a day, who has time to dream?  Maybe we just need a big enough WHY.  Here are a few reasons why it’s important to dream:

1.  Dreams provide energy.  Sometimes the routine we settle into begins to take the life out of us.  Without dreams to strive for, many of us become drones, bored and empty.  Carving out some time to be alone to think and dream often recharges our batteries.

2.  Dreams provide meaning.  Life is much more fulfilling when we are working toward a dream.  The dream can be as public Martin Luther King’s vision of equality or as personal as buying our first house.  Even the most wealthy people often find themselves with all the comforts imaginable, yet dissatisfied.  They haven’t chosen a meaningful dream to pursue next.

3.  Dreams provide hope.  There are times in life when all we have is a dream of better circumstances.  In The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner found himself homeless, with nothing but his dream of a better future for him and his son.  Chris kept the dream alive and never gave up hope as he pushed himself to success.

We all need dreams no matter what season of life we find our selves in… at rock bottom looking for hope, running the rat race needing energy, or living the good life but seeking meaning.

Take some time alone to think and dream.  What did you come up with?

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