Book Review Tuesday: The Principle of the Path

This week I’ve been listening to Andy Stanley’s latest book on audio.  I’ve talked about Andy before.  In his latest book, The Principle of the Path: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Andy explains that direction, not intention, determines destination.  I found the book to be a good reminder to think long term.  Andy points out several times that we don’t always see an immediate effect from our actions.  That doesn’t mean there are no consequences.  The analogy of the path leading to a destination is useful.  We sometimes get off track…make a poor decision.  Each action or decision is a part of our journey and compounded those actions and decisions do lead somewhere.  Where do you want to go?  It is useful to ask yourself if what you’re doing leads down the path toward the destination you choose or if you’re defaulting down another path.

My only gripe with this book (not saying I agree with everything…I’ve never found that book/author) is that the audio book is not read by the author.  Most books I’ve listened to that are not read by the author lose some of the feeling–the inflections aren’t in the right places.  I think this is especially true of books written by speakers, like Andy Stanley.

One thing Andy pointed out that I found especially helpful: talk with people who are where you wish to go.  People who have already traveled the path know the best route.

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