Reviewing 2009

2009 PennyI started blogging about this time last year.  Blogging has been a fun experience so far.  Why Blog? Click Here to find out.

In no particular order, here a few of my favorite things from the past year.

1.  Registered my first domain name and moved my blog.

2.  Joined Toastmasters International in October…met some great people and made three speeches so far.

3.  Helped my friends Bob and Ronda set up a website for Bob.

4.  Traded my first stock option.

5.  Began organizing an internet department for the company I work for.

6.  Sad to hear of Jim Rohn’s death this month.  Saw Zig Ziglar speak this year.  He wasn’t healthy.  Attended Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’ memorial service last year.  Brian Tracy and Les Brown are starting to age.  Began contemplating how to be part of the next generation of motivators and personal development encouragers.

7.  Celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary with Becky.

8.  Traveled to New Mexico, New York City, Michigan, California, Ohio, Colorado, and unintentionally…Chicago.

9.  Bought my first kayak and used it as much as possible!

2010 will be even more eventful…starting tomorrow.