Motivated to do what?

After posting a status update about attending a motivation seminar a couple weeks ago, I got a note on Facebook that asked…”what’d ya do with that motivation?”  Great question… you got me thinking, Bill.  How many times do I come back from a meeting, conference, seminar and do…nothing?!  Pages of notes from great speakers go into a drawer instead of into action.  So here’s what I’m motivated to do after attending a Get Motivated seminar:

1.  Tighten up my stock market investment strategy.  Phil Town talked about Covered Calls, Margin of Safety, and a few other things that I can easily incorporate into my existing stock portfolio.  He also introduced some technical tools that I haven’t used at all.  I’m motivated to explore ways to maximize my investment returns.

2.  Be willing to take risks.  Rudy Giuliani was truly inspiring as he talked about courage and leadership.  Over the years, I’ve given up on some dreams that I’m ready to revisit.  I’m motivated to take a risk.

3.  Brush up on my speaking skills.  Of all the talented speakers I heard, Terry Bradshaw was probably my favorite.  I wouldn’t have guessed the goofy football commentator would be such a fantastic speaker, but he was so entertaining I could have listened all day.  I’m motivated to join Toastmasters.
What are you motivated to do?  Or what motivates you?