Time Flies!

Brian Tracy sent the following out as his Quote of the Day email yesterday… “Time flies.  It’s up to you to be the navigator.” –Robert Orben  The email came at a perfect time for me.  This week has been extremely unproductive.  I needed a reminder to step back and assess what I’m doing with my time.  Jumping from one fire to the next doesn’t get me closer to my goals.  Sometimes those fires need to be put out, sometimes not.  The thing to remember is to set aside at least a little time to focus on longer-term goals and keep momentum toward those goals.  Back to the Rule of Five.

Eat That FrogSpeaking of Brian Tracy…a great time management book is Eat That Frog! Eat That Frog is based the concept of tackling your most dreaded task first thing then the rest of your day is easier.

Time Management advice by Brian Tracy:

  • Continually ask yourself:  What is the most valuable use of my time right now?
  • Say to yourself and others:  Back to work!  or Well, I’ve got to get back to work.

What methods do you use to remain productive?

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