Kayaking = Cheap Entertainment

My friend Steve got me started kayaking.

My friend Steve got me started kayaking.

I’m still saving Discover points for my kayak at LL Bean (up to $150 in gift certificates now).  But I did find a cheap kayak at Dick’s Sporting Goods to hold me over.  I’ve definitely  been getting my money’s worth out of that little $180 kayak.  Here are some reasons why I like kayaking so much:

Kayaking is inexpensive!

I spent under $300 for my kayak, paddle, PFD, and carrying straps.  That’s my entire investment–well, I may need new straps soon since I’ve been hauling this thing everywhere.  I’ve already been out 6 or 7 times–and will get years more entertainment from the kayak.  How many times can I go golfing for $300?  Oh wait, I can’t even buy clubs and shoes for that price.

Kayaking gets me out into nature.

I’ve been out on 2 different lakes and 2 different rivers just in the past seven days.  I’ve seen several herons, a fox, hawks, many kinds of fish and birds–all up close.  For me kayaking has been a great reason to get away from the office more often.  And getting away from the office is not all bad.  I often come back with a fresh perspective.

Kayaking is a social event.

Ok.  This one is debatable.  I’m sure many people go kayaking alone.  I prefer to float down the river with others.  It turns out that not too many of my friends and family are kayakers, so I’ve floated down rivers with many people that I didn’t know very well or at all.  And they turned out to be nice people.

Kayaking is peaceful–and exhilarating.

Nothing else matters as I lean back and enjoy the sunshine (or moonlight).  Suddenly I’m avoiding rocks as I navigate through the rapids, water splashing up into my face and kayak.  Then back to peaceful.  It always makes for a good day.

Anyone else into kayaking?  What is your hobby of choice?