Discover Your Strengths

I’m still on my quest to find what I’m good at.

Find Your Strengths

One of the gurus on identifying and capitalizing on strengths is Marcus Buckingham.  I especially enjoy this clip of Marcus speaking to a group of Yahoo employees.   I love the British accent and dry humor…humour.  I am currently working my way through Buckingham’s Now Discover Your Strengths.   No surprise to see Analytical at the top of my strengths list.

What Does THAT Mean

One of my strengths that Marcus helped me better understand was “people skills”.  Several people told me I have interpersonal skills.  (I think that’s like “nice personality”–when you don’t want to say someone is ugly.)  😉  Anyway, Marcus points out the different types of personal skills.  While I’m not innately gifted at walking up to strangers and kicking off a conversation, I do have some strength at gaining trust and working well with people after the connection is formed.

I’ll be finishing the book soon and will post the rest of my ramblings on this topic post haste.  What are your strengths?