Football paychecks

So I’m watching the NFL playoffs this weekend.

This weekend I’ve been researching, among other things, information marketing…selling ebooks.  One of the mental hurdles for me has been why would anyone want to pay $29 – $149 or more for information from little ole me.  Is my knowledge really worth that much to people?  Maybe…thoughts below.

Back to football:

  1. The stands are packed with people who have spent hundreds of dollars to sit in the cold and watch a bunch of overgrown men tackle each other for three hours.   Most of these fans are not millionaires or family members of the players.  Just regular guys and girls having fun.  The point is that we have money for what we want to have money for.
  2. The guys we’re watching are being paid huge paychecks to entertain us once a week for six months.  Ben Roethlisberger gets over $27 MILLION this year for playing football.  I bring this up for perspective.  A person’s talent is worth exactly what someone else is willing to pay.  No more, no less.


Okay.  Here are my takeaways from the football games.

People have money for what they really want and many are willing to drop hundreds of dollars on a day of entertainment.

If I can provide enough value, my potential payoff is virtually limitless.  Seriously, Big Ben–$27million for some football games.  Ben hasn’t even been very good this year.

Next steps:

What is it that I know that others would be willing to pay for?

In what format is that information most saleable?

Disclaimer:  I’m not knocking football…I watch the Steelers on TV every Sunday.