Brave New World

Over the past week I used some of my holiday time off to experiment with expanding my cyberworld presence:

  • Opened an account on WordPress.  Seems to be fairly easy platform to pick up, but I am playing with different themes and learning how to tweak the site to reflect simple functionality as I envision it.
  • Posted my first blog.  Nothing fancy, but everyone starts somewhere.
  • Registered my first domain name…  I used GoDaddy and found it to be relatively simple.
  • Signed up on Twitter…@nathanemartin.  Still don’t see how this applies, but I’ll give it a fair try.

So what’s next?

  1. Clean up and pretty up my blogsite.
  2. Link all digital outposts together.  I’ve been on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and some others for a while…time to pull them all together.
  3. Begin posting on other blogs.  I need to join in the conversations to learn how this all works and to make connections in the areas of interest that I hope to influence.

What else am I missing?  See you out there.